Experience Massage and Energy Therapy from a licensed and trained therapist with 15 years of experience!

Charlotte’s techniques aren’t your average massage therapists’. Her combination of massage and energy therapy creates a unique experience that takes your mind, body and soul on a beautiful healing journey. She combines several modalities into her practice such as:

  • Polarity

  • Chakra balancing

  • Manual lymphatic drainage

  • Emotional release techniques

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissue

  • Craniosacral therapy

  • Reflexology

  • Investigating Health Energy Technique

  • Touch for health

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Pregnancy and infant massage

  • Guided visualizations and more!


Her objective is to uncover the root cause of your physical or emotional pain for a whole body experience that will heal the body, purify the soul and create results that last.

Intuitive Massage and Energy Therapy

Swedish massage, deep tissue, craniosacral therapy, energy healing… with so many options how do you know what your body needs?

No worries! In this session Charlotte intuitively uses aspects of the many tools and modalities she’s learned throughout the years to give your body a customized healing experience- exactly what the doctor ordered!

Clients have reported leaving these sessions feeling lighter, rejuvenated, energized, relaxed, hopeful and peaceful. Book your session today!


Healing the mind, body and soul using energy techniques has been practiced for centuries by people around the world, including Asian, Ayurvedic and Native Americans, among many others. 

Just like the physical body has different systems (i.e. digestive, muscular, nervous, etc...), the subtle energy body also has systems (i.e. meridians, chakras, aura, etc...) Charlotte works with these systems to uncover, shift, heal and restore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to a healthy and vibrant state.

It is her goal to discover the root cause of your physical or emotional pain to create long lasting, true healing. This may assist you in releasing weight, healing relationships, decreasing (or eliminating) physical pain and sickness, mental clarity and direction, releasing fears, old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you, rising to higher spiritual levels and so much more!

Pregnancy Massage and Energy Therapy

Charlotte has carried 4 babies, so she knows how taxing this beautiful process can be on the physical and emotional body. The objective of this session is for the expectant mother to be cared for and loved.

A safe space is created for the mother to release any stress, fears, or other emotions that are not serving her, and to fill her with peace, confidence, relaxation and a renewed energy to continue on until the precious little one arrives.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is one of the most important eliminatory systems of the body. It carries toxins, waste and other impurities through the body. One of Charlotte’s focuses is to help people’s mind, body and spirit to become purified. Having a smooth running lymphatic system is an important piece of this puzzle.

The lymphatic system does not have it’s own way of pumping fluids, like the circulatory system has the heart. It relies on our movement to maneuver through our bodies. Exercising and daily physical activity help with this. Manual Lymphatic Drainage takes the effectiveness and efficiency of the lymphatic system to a whole new level.

This specialized massage is very gentle, due to the lymph vessels being superficial, or close to the surface of the skin, and encourages natural drainage of this important interstitial fluid. MLD also strengthens the immune system and reduces swelling caused from lymphedema. Charlotte combines energy therapy into this session creating a whole body healing experience.


Give a child the gift of touch! Charlotte is a certified infant massage instructor and loves to teach parents, grandparents or anyone wanting to learn this valuable tool.

This massage can be performed on an infant or child. It creates a wonderful space to bond with and communicate with your little one. The long list of benefits include: aids in brain growth, increases physical development, improves digestion, respiratory and circulatory systems, helps relieve discomfort from colic, gas, congestion and teething, improves the immune system, decreases stress hormones and produces endorphins for a happy, healthy child. Kids generally love it!

Call, text, or email for pricing and to schedule an appointment. 



“Just had a holistic healing massage with Charlotte Varble. I gotta tell ya it was the best massage I’ve had. Not only did she address the emotional aspects, but my muscles feel so much better. You guys should definitely experience it!”
— Chris Miles
“Charlotte, every night, for I can’t remember how long, I have awaken from pain in my shoulder and back. The past two nights I have slept straight through until my alarm woke me up with no pain in my shoulder. Thanks for the small miracle that is taking place with my shoulder!”
— David Petersen
“After being on the road with touring and work, Charlotte is the first person I call to recover from the beatings, jeerings, and stress of my crazy journeys. Her magic fingers and calming presence give a deep muscle tension release without the hurtful pain of most massage therapists.”
— Jared Allen
“I am writing this recommendation for Charlotte because I believe in her ability as a wonderful therapist. She has worked on me many times and I always come away feeling renewed and ready to tackle life again. She has the ability to sense where there is stuck energy and to go after it and to be sensitive to the feelings of the client she is working on. Charlotte is sincere and honest in all that she does and wants the best for all those in her circle of friends and family.

I appreciate her integrity and the gentle ways of her personality and this shows up in her work. She has a strong work ethic and uses this in her practice of helping and healing others. She is physically strong when it comes to stubborn knots and yet gentle and caring where emotions and sensitive issues are concerned. She has integrity and is honest and sincere in her work and takes it seriously. I highly recommend Charlotte as a life time therapist and healer.”
— Jeanie Maw, LMT, CST, REIKI
“I have to tell you how grateful I am for you! Now I know why Heavenly Father directed me to you. I just finished your 30 day program and learned something new every day. Thank you for this journey you have put me on!”
— Julie Nelson
“Charlotte Varble and her “Healing Hands.” The overall therapeutic experience is hard to describe in mere words. She takes the massage experience to a new level. Her capacity to “hear” what your body needs and is feeling simply through touch is remarkable. Her spiritual approach to healing through massage is a true gift. I have experienced massage from different modalities throughout the world. I am now comparing every massage I have ever had, and continue to experience, to her amazing talent. She is by far the most gifted massage therapist I know.”
— Kim Park
“I have been coming to Charlotte for about 10 years. Her kindness is very healing. She not only listens to me, she listens to whatever my body is saying and seems to know just to do to help me.”
— Lee Odekirk
“I have been getting massages from Charlotte for a few years now and I always feel like a different person afterward. She especially helped me when I was pregnant to relieve a lot of the pain and pressure. She makes the whole experience very relaxing and always makes sure I am comfortable and/or the pressure she is applying is the right amount etc. She is also very accommodating to my busy schedule, which I appreciate. Getting a massage is money well spent, especially from someone so professional and in tune with the body as Charlotte!”
— Robyn Mikami