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Charlotte and Lindsi are THRILLED to announce their 6th Connecting to the Divine Retreat! This space was created to help you discover more about who you truly are, connect to the divine in and around you, and heal and transform from the inside out. It’s about fortifying the mind, emotions, and spirit in todays world and allowing you to strengthen your spiritual foundation so you can fulfill the mission you were sent to this planet to accomplish.

Connect * Renew * Uplift
Discover * Heal * Play
Rejuvenate * Fortify
Friendship * Love
Divine * Heart

These words all describe what you’ll experience at this retreat! We laugh, we cry, we connect and gain friendships that last a life-time! We can’t wait for you to experience this with us!!

Wed October 23rd 4 Pm
Sat october 26th 11 aM

Located At the Beautiful…

Bear Lake Home
34 Lotus Dr
Fish Haven, ID 83287

We Provide:

  • Lodging at a gorgeous retreat home near Bear Lake. This home is settled among lush mountains and nature with a gorgeous view of the lake. The perfect place to connect and rejuvenate!

  • Meals include Wednesday dinner, all meals Thursday and Friday, and Saturday breakfast. We will provide a healthy selection to feed your body, mind, and soul. Some vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free options will be available.

  • A custom pendant designed and created by the amazing Lindsi. Charlotte and Lindsi then take each pendant and write up a unique message for each one. The pendant process is one of the highlights of these retreats and allows you to leave with a special piece to continue to help you long after the retreat is over!

  • Connecting with other like-minded women. We are amazed at the life-long friendships that form each retreat. Such a gift!

  • Friday night we’ll be spending the evening at the hot tub. Bring a swimsuit! Towels are provided.

You provide:

  • A journal to take notes, personal items (clothes, toiletries, etc...), a special blanket to snuggle up in, any special dietary accommodations you might need, and an open mind and heart to connect and transform!

The Pendant Experience…


The pendant experience is one of the highlights of the retreat! To the right and below, you’ll see examples of pendants from past retreats. As you can see, they are all unique! You’ll never see the same pendant twice. They are beautiful in their own way, and each one represents an individual connection between you and what you need at this time of your life.

During this process, Lindsi and Charlotte co-design each pendant and Lindsi brings each design to life. Then, both Lindsi and Charlotte work together to write a unique messages for each pendant. We are able to get a feel for the individual message of each pendant, unique to the person it was meant for, but we do not know who that is going to be while we’re creating them. It’s a very special experience for us to create these!

During the retreat, the pendants are chosen by the individuals. The catch- each pendant is in a sealed envelope, so no one can see what the pendants look like. They are chosen by checking in with your own divine intuition to see which one belongs to you. The results are always astounding at how perfect they are for each person! They are received in such a unique way. The whole process is so incredible, you have to experience it for yourself!


~~~ “Angel in a Bell” Pendant ~~~

~~~ “Angel in a Bell” Pendant ~~~

“About a week and a half before the retreat, my brother was killed in a head on motorcycle collision. He was only 24 and my best friend. I was really distraught, sad, lonely, and just not in a good spot. I almost didn’t go to the retreat, but I knew I needed to go. When it came time for the pendent sessions I prayed for a pendent that would help me connect with my brother. I went over to where all of them were laying on the floor and I had my eye on one. I patiently waited my turn to pick mine out. When it was my turn, I went to grab the one I had my eye on and for some reason grabbed a COMPLETELY different one. I went over to my bed and opened it. It was named “Angel in a Bell” and it talked about how those that have passed on are looking over you and guiding you through your life and to look for where they are in your life because they are all around you. It was really beautiful. And so incredibly perfect. I recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone that wants to feel connected to God and the earth again.” -Samantha

We have a limited amount of space available. secure your spot today! We look forward to seeing you at the retreat!

Includes: 3 nights of lodging, all meals, a custom pendant, and 4 day experience!

Register Now

Can’t make the dates for this October? No problem!
We’re taking registrations for our spring retreat!

The exact location is TBA- but it will be located in or near the Utah area. The dates are spring 2020- exact dates coming soon!
This will include the same as above- 3 nights of lodging, all meals, a custom pendant, and 4 day experience!

Meet Your Hosts…

Charlotte Varble


Charlotte is a Speaker, Author, Coach for Entrepreneurs and a Licensed Massage and Energy Therapist. Her professional experience began in 2005 running a massage therapy business. It has since bloomed into a flourishing profession helping thousands of individuals, both one-on-one and in group settings, to heal in mind, body, and spirit, create a closer connection with God, and propel their divine mission forward. She is trained in several healing modalities and her passion continues in her audios, online courses, one on one sessions, retreats, and books.

Charlotte is the author of the book Becoming Spiritually Strong: Priceless Lessons on Divine Communication, Faith, and Forgiveness and the accompanying 12-week online program Becoming Spiritually Strong: The Experience. She is the creator of the audio and 30-day online program Clear, Connect, Create: Developing and Nurturing Divine Communication as well as the audio Empowering Kids with Emotional Wellness and the 10-minute meditation titled Trusting Your Intuition.

Since she first met her husband, Kevin, in 2004, she always felt that they would eventually come together in business. This dream became a reality in March 2018. Together, they help purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow a profitable and fulfilling business with The Ultimate Business Accelerator online program and The Business Accelerator Retreats. Charlotte’s specialty is helping entrepreneurs create total alignment by building healthy foundations in their business’ systems and structures and in their personal lives through the 7 Pillars of Alignment.  

Charlotte is the host of the podcast The Alignment Accelerator: Where Business and Purpose Unite. Her years of experience (15 +) running a service-based business and working one-on-one with individuals in the health and wellness field offers a unique perspective to her expertise and trainings. She has helped thousands of individuals to gain clarity on the path of their purpose on this planet and finds so much joy in helping other purpose-driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs gain clarity and courage to pursue their dreams in business.

Charlotte is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and, more than anything, strives to serve and uplift our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, her family and all people within the sound of her voice. Family is also very important to Charlotte. She regards being a wife and mother among her most sacred callings. When she’s not performing sessions, teaching, creating content for her business, or training for her next race, you'll find her caring for her 4 young children and spending time with her handsome husband, Kevin.

Lindsi Jo Gabler

Lindsi Jo Gabler.jpg

Lindsi Jo is a Spiritual Intuitive Jewelry Designer, Mentor, and Teacher. Over the past 6 years she has created hundreds of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with spiritual messages and mentored women, both individually and in groups, to help them see the truth of who they are and to discover their individual place and purpose here upon the earth.

Lindsi has a deep and abiding conviction to her Faith as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One of her greatest heart’s desires and passions is to help women strengthen their connection to their higher selves, their Savior Jesus Christ, their Heavenly Parents and to strengthen their desire to become a strong, righteous woman of God… A Daughter of God who knows whose she is and why she is here.

Lindsi is the creator of the ‘pay it forward’ service movement The Fruits of His Love, where she invites women to discover and step into their God-given gifts, seek out opportunities to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands, and bless another’s life through those gifts and acts of service.

Lindsi is a wife to her hunky husband for almost 18 years and a mom to 3 girls… so helping women must be in her blood with being given all daughters ;).  She is passionate about connecting to her Heavenly Father through nature and loves doing so through hiking, kayaking on the water and exploring the beauty of the world through her travels.